Choosing The Right Colors In Your Bathroom

Do you want to stand out and use the power of color in your bathroom decor to create eye-catching designs?

The fashion trend of bathroom decoration has become popular in recent years. You can use the power of color to make a difference and create eye-catching decor. Business Development Manager Gani Ergül talks about choosing the right colors for bathroom decor.


Choosing The Right Colors In Your Bathroom


Ideal background: black and white

When it comes to creating a hygienic look, white is one of the indispensable colors in the bathroom, adding freshness and depth to any environment it is in. Black is preferred by those looking to add some sport to the plain white look. White and black are the contrasting colors that provide the most perfect harmony and create the ideal background color for the bathroom. A classic Art Deco design can be created in the bathroom, including mirrors and accessories in a variety of colors to match this backdrop. It should be noted that the ground is dark, that is, black, and the walls are white. This can make the bathroom appear larger than it actually is.


The gray that stands out in bathroom trends offers the opportunity to create numerous combinations and it is available in 50 different shades, from light anthracite to metallic dark gray. Grey, compatible with existing fixtures and many different styles of fittings; helps create an anti-stress atmosphere while creating visual delight in the bathroom. In a gray-dominated bathroom, play with candle and towel accessories in pastel shades, or splashes of color with bright details. However, a modern and natural look can be achieved in the bathroom by using gray wood details on the floor tiles and cabinets. In dark and cramped bathrooms, attention should be paid to light gray tones for added depth and color.


create a fun atmosphere

For those looking for a minimalist look in their bathroom, neutral colors are one of the best options. Minimalist bathrooms feature wall tiles or marble floors in muted tones for a tranquil setting and contemporary style. However, overusing neutrals can sometimes create a frosty atmosphere or a drab look. In a bathroom that uses mostly neutrals, you can disrupt the ordinary with muted shades like yellows, blues, and greens. Alternatively, you can opt for an orange sink or red toilet in your bathroom, creating a fun and exciting look with a neutral color from the walls to the floor coverings.

The bathroom decor is dominated by blue, with nautical themes at the top of the list and continuing to stay in vogue. Create a fun mood in your bathroom by combining different shades of blue with porthole mirrors and lighthouse wallpaper. Alternatively, you can create a color scheme reminiscent of a seascape by starting with a blue at the bottom and working your way up the wallpaper with lighter shades of blue. For floors, choosing pebble-cut tiles or light pine floors is the right decision. At the same time, you can add starfish, seashells, small stone accessories and wicker details to the decor for a perfect harmony.


you can do wonders in the bathroom

As a symbol of cleanliness, white has always been an indispensable color for bathrooms. Although difficult to maintain, white is the go-to color for those going minimalist in their bathroom decor. Although the bathroom decoration in white tone reveals the elegance created by simplicity, it can sometimes create a very ordinary image. For those who want to avoid this, you can create a simple but effective ambiance by placing colorful accessories, plant varieties or moving bathroom rugs in the bathroom.


You can mix complementary colors with each other to make your bathroom decor look stronger. Creating a confident bathroom is easy by combining bold colors such as orange and blue, red and green, yellow and gray, known as traditional color combinations. Especially in large bathrooms, you can achieve perfect harmony by combining dark wooden floors with yellow accessories. Or, you can work wonders in your bathroom with tiles designed in eye-catching colors that complement each other.


Although not too popular, pink ends the mundane bathroom with its warm and romantic attitude, yet manages to add movement and energy to the environment in a short time due to its attractiveness. Creating a soft touch and emphasizing femininity in bathroom decor, pink also contrasts beautifully with colors like white and coral. By pairing accessories like a pink bath mat or shower curtain with coral walls, you can once again reveal the hidden power of color.


You can add instant warmth to dark and small bathrooms with limited natural light with natural and deep colors. The bathroom is designed in rich tones such as brown, yellow, red and orange to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Those who want to make a bigger impact and create an extraordinary bathroom can choose from natural wood or wood effect materials, dark woven rugs and white armatures.

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